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Welcome to the website of the Health Shop Association of South Africa (HSASA). There are many health shops spread throughout South Africa.  Nutritional supplements and herbs have been used extensively throughout our country for many years and with much success. Many staff in health food stores are qualified and/or experienced in helping with a wide range of health conditions. However it is always advisable you consult a health care professional before taking a supplement.

The association was formed in 2013 with the purpose to unite the growing number of health shops in South Africa and to protect and promote them and to encourage their development as an industry.

All members of the HSASA have agreed to a code of practice. As a member of the public you can have confidence in a health shop that is a member of the HSASA as it has agreed to follow specific industry standards. You can identify if a shop is a member of our association as this logo will be displayed in the store.

We passionately believe the best place to buy natural health products is from a health shop as you will be getting good service from people who are passionate about health as well as  supporting the growth of small businesses.